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Meetlie: Building a Company Today

by Kyle Psaty

Team Meetlie

Meetlie's staff (from left to right) Jeffrey Vocell, Alex Hornstein, Sergei Revzin, Vadim Revzin, and Clive Bearman (not pictured) meet with Startup Weekend organizer Marc Nager (far right) about their project.

Imagine sitting down with a bunch of people you just met yesterday and starting a web company. Now imagine you’re not just starting a company, you’re trying to get it off the ground and in front of people by tomorrow evening.

That’s exactly what the guys at Meetlie.com are dealing with tonight.

This multi-talented five-man team joined forces thanks to the event organizers at Boston Startup Weekend, which is happening all weekend long. It’s 7:00pm and they’re right in the middle of considering all the questions a new web company has to think about:

Who will use this website?

How should it look and work?

How will it make money?

“It’s pretty crazy to build a company in two days,” says Vadim Revzin to himself during a lull in conversation. It’s as though the thought has just struck him. He’s the guy who conceptualized the company.

No kidding, Vadim, I think to myself. I’ve been blown away by the goals at the event since I arrived this morning and began meeting the 65-some-odd entrepreneurs in attendance.

The Meetlie group swings between bursts of intense conversation and silent computer work. It’s hard not to think in circles when there are so many questions to consider, but they can’t just think either. They need to finish building their site.

They’re all huddled around a table on the first floor of Microsoft’s New England Research and Development office. Their backdrop, like the nine other nascent companies here, is a white board scrawled with ideas examining every aspect of their product and business plan.

At a base level, Meetlie.com will be helping people connect.

It’s typically a good idea to start a company around a movement that has some pre-existing social momentum.

This is exactly what Meetlie’s employees have in mind. A trend has begun to surface recently in Boston where VCs and other high profile individuals in the tech sector have begun to hold open office hours – essentially inviting people to initiate impromptu meetings with them.

From this writer’s perspective, the idea of open office hours has its roots in the academia pervasive in Boston’s tech culture, and it’s one that deserves a reliable home base.

That’s what Team Meetlie is hoping to develop: a service to help entrepreneurs find people with open office hours and help those with open hours be found.

“I don’t know how this ties in, but encouraging more people to hold open hours will not only help our company, it’s also building a sense of community,” says Alex Hornstein, the team’s programmer, to his cohorts.

Exactly, I think, trying not to distract these guys with my questions. That’s why BostInnovation is here.

This is a perfect example of why events like Boston Startup Weekend are not only good for the people involved; they’re also good for Boston tech community at-large.


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